Hi, I’m Annalisa Puracchio and I’m a freelance graphic & interface designer and a pixel perfect nut.
I’m a believer in the close relationship between good design and market success of a product/service and in the power of design to affect and improve the user’s perception.

When my clients recognize the benefits of such values and incorporate them in their company’s standards I am pleased with my work.

In 2010, when I decided to turn my longtime passion into a profession, I founded ZOOROMA, a digital studio based in Rome, strongly committed to providing its clients with the best possible design solutions for branding and corporate identities, digital interfaces and web design, data visualization, illustration and character design.

You can reach me via email at: ap@zooroma.com



UX Design

My process for developing digital user’s experiences usually follows these steps:

  1. Research of the competition
  2. Project strategy
  3. Deliverables creation and iteration such as:
  • Personas
  • Site maps
  • Use cases and scenarios
  • Task based audiences
  • Wireframes

UI Design

Once wireframes are validated and approved by the client I prepare moodboards or style tiles in order to show the style path I am going to use throughout the project’s development.

I then open my software apps to creare digital assets and layouts to be delivered to the coders or to the client.


To develop identity systems I take care of the following steps:

  1. Research & strategy
  2. Tone of voice
  3. Logo design
  4. Identity systems
  5. Brand guidelines

I then create all the print collateral laying out all the different use requested by the project according to the Brand guidelines.

Graphic Design

My main areas of expertise in graphic design are:

  • Infographics & Data visualization
  • Character design
  • Apparel design

Creative Direction

While collaborating with Digitouch S.p.a. the largest independent digital marketing player in Italy, I found myself working as an Art Director.

I had the opportunity to operate on complex projects with a holistic approach.

Brands like Wind Telecomunicazione S.p.a. or Purina, to name a few, had me working on their websites where I had to design and evolve visual styles, combining visually appealing layouts with attention to details while respecting their branding guidelines and focusing my attention on usability and communication goals.


Some of the companies I've worked with